New Humanity Movement

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The shape of the city.

The city that shapes

Ideas and proposals to help us know better where we live

(Second part)


1.    The city: does it still exist?
2.    Cityfest: focusing on the city
3.    Knowing and loving one’s city
4.    Describing, exploring and imagining one’s city


2. Cityfest: focusing on the city

A change of scale. The Cityfest coincides with a phase of great openness, a real change of scale as far as the Movement’s action is concerned. Families and other groups could be exclusive; citizenship, however, is not. Therefore, in order to deal with cities, one needs to have a universal heart capable of holding a dialogue with everybody, starting right now as we do our preparations and projects.
The Cityfest, which is meant to celebrate the city, could become a precious occasion to show the city’s beauty and complexity. We could help people understand that in the city our lives are necessarily interconnected; in it we come in contact with nature and the edifices that have been built in the past. Thus this celebration could trigger off in the inhabitants a loving awareness of their city.

Lacking a sense of belonging. In order to have better cities – more humane and more welcoming – we need to consider the city in its entirety. We often observe that, in our cities, what is lacking is a sense of belonging. This lack of love for one’s city can be traced back to the difficulty that people have in appreciating the urban environment - its shapes and spaces – and to link the latter to society, it being a highly complex and magnificent document. The city of men and women is also place, shape, space, architecture and nature.

Citizens, however, are rarely educated to read, understand, interpret and feel the city; in a wider sense, they lack awareness of occupying a space on this Earth. They look upon places as a means for our well-being and not entities with a significance, and therefore, having a ‘soul’.

Living on Earth. We think, therefore, that what we need to do is to patiently build an awareness of our city life and our living on Earth; our projection into space and our journey in time with our actions and thinking.

The different aspects of urban dwelling are not to be separated. We cannot tackle social problems on their own without any reference to monuments and nature. All aspects are to be seen as interactive and having a common aim.

The unity of the city. In fact, we believe that the efforts to have a more humane city can be enhanced and become efficacious only if based on the unity of the city albeit its complexity. A complexity that comprises persons and society, spaces, buildings and living quarters, together with nature: water, flowers, trees, animals, landscapes. All this tends to make the Earth our home, and the city, the hearth.

This first Cityfest could, therefore, serve as an introductory impulse towards a loving awareness of the city. The specific objective of this first edition could be that of making the city better known.


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