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Welcome to the Library section. Since the beginning of time, writers, artists, philosophers and thinkers in general have asked themselves the possible questions concerning social issues, and have spread them out, through articles, books, videos. In all the contributions the quality of social relationships is apparent, as the foundation of individuals, families, and communities happiness.




Lillibeth Navarro’s dedication to the Disability Rights Movement shows how much a person can affect changes by living spiritually.

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By Susanne Janssen, Living City Magazine (USA)


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USA: Something of myself


"To give others what I need and want myself is the simplest and most fulfilling way to live and give meaning to my ordinary life and my relationships".

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São Paulo: recycle the trash and recover the life.

raccolta_differenziataThere is an interesting project undertaken in the municipality of Salto, in the State of Sao Paulo (Brazil), which has involved the residents in the waste collection, through a cooperative that employs people marginalized from the labor market.

The faces and stories of the protagonists of this story, as told by Fernanda Pompermayer on the pages of Cidade Nova.

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The City of Asterix


The story we are about to narrate begins on a bus making its way in the streets of Rome under a heavy rainfall.Or rather, it began earlier at Tagab, a little village on the Afghan mountains that form the border with Iran.

In that desolate place, hunger, cold and fear are the daily experiences of those living there. That is why some decide to leave that place and seek new pastures in other countries. In December 2008, four young men decided to do that, and we catch up with them on that Roman Bus.

Paolo Balduzzi – Rome

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Is sharing contagious?


A consistent theme is that sharing begets more sharing. Rachel Botsman's story about the Santa Rosa tool library, "Is Sharing Contagious?" is a good case in point.

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Accross polarization


As politics in America become ever more adversarial this election cycle, we can look to inspiring examples of reconciliation abroad.

We too can provide solutions to the problems in our country today and fill the needs of our brothers and sisters, just as Schuman and his political friends did during the 1940s and 1950s, when war was still the first thing on everyone’s mind.

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