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Welcome to the Library section. Since the beginning of time, writers, artists, philosophers and thinkers in general have asked themselves the possible questions concerning social issues, and have spread them out, through articles, books, videos. In all the contributions the quality of social relationships is apparent, as the foundation of individuals, families, and communities happiness.

The Grand Rapids LipDub

Grand-RapidsAfter being named in Newsweek as one of the top 10 “dying” US cities, the town of Grand Rapids, Michigan decided to do something positive.

Here’s what happens when 40 crew, a cast of 200, thousands of extras, the town’s fire and emergency services, local dancers, musicians and a helicopter all come together to create a ten-minute lip-sync video to Don McLean’s classic American Pie. And all in one take!

Film critic Roger Ebert has dubbed it “the greatest music video ever made” and we agree.

Click below to see the video.

© Photo Copyright Bev Boerman all rights reserved

A Surprise at Palermo, discovering the (Gypsies) People of Rom


An experience and a book that tells us about the search to communicate with a people that are no longer seen as a threat to its individuality, but as the "other" asking for dignity and citizenship. An approach that we see in wonderful Palermo that speaks to us of life, that demands from us a readiness and openness to share our needs and our wealth, through different municipalities that make the community of any city.


By Maddalena Maltese-edited by Paul Balduzzi

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A key to reading on active citizenship




The city life is an important and intense experience of discovering the other: who they are, where they come from, what they mean to us, what kind of relationship I have with those others who inhabit the same city.

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The answer of Milan



Qiqajon is a district of Milan, where he found children with families in need. Is a heart of commitment and solidarity where families are open to the needy.

Click here to read the article in italiano by  "Avvenire".

The message of Cardinal Tettamanzi




The Archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi, issued an invitation to politicians and local administrators of Lombardy, for the "common good" of the city.

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In Pisa, the little twn for the last




In Pisa, Tuscany, Italy, was founded a “little town” to give help to the “last”. Giving new life to an unused parish cinema, the diocese will host a general store for poor people in the area.

Click here to read the article in italian.

Caring for orphans



In the last issue of Living City Martina Hart tells us about the collaboration between Parish and local companies in Charleston, a town in West Virginia (USA), in order to support and improve the life of kids living in an orphanage in Afghanistan.

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I have just two words for you.... the commons


That is, I only have two words for you: the "commons", meaning everything that is common, which affects the community in a city.

Jay Walljasper us back to thinking about “all that we share and the ways we share it”, an immense  immense bounty of wealth that belongs to each of us.

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