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Welcome to the Library section. Since the beginning of time, writers, artists, philosophers and thinkers in general have asked themselves the possible questions concerning social issues, and have spread them out, through articles, books, videos. In all the contributions the quality of social relationships is apparent, as the foundation of individuals, families, and communities happiness.

Novelty in Living City/1


Taken from the October 2010 issue of Living City, we present a new reading of the arrival of the Ideal of Fraternity in New England (USA).

Here are fifty years, that have seen the development of a community, who makes diversity a chance of growth for the whole city.


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An Afterschool program in a difficult neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio



Austin Taliaferro tells us the second story taken from the November 2010 issue of Living City: his service hours at an afterschool program in a difficult neighborhood of Columbus, his relationship with troubled kids: a unique chance to better understand his city.


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Our next-door neighbors


Taken from the November 2010 issue of Living City, we propose you the story of Rose Mary C, from the  USA: it is a story of false accusations from next-door neighbors, unfortunately something which is quite common; however at the same time it is a story of peace and reconciliation.


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Press Clippings: Milan looking for her own identity

Milano1On Città Nuova Online we recommend two articles in Italian: Silvano Gianti presents two different overviews about Milan.
The former, titled “Una città in cerca di un Patto” (A city looking for a Pact), starts from the presentation of the report prepared by the Ambosianeum Foundation “Milano 2010. Welfare ambrosiano futuro cercasi” (Milan 2010: looking for a future of the Milanese welfare).


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Novelty in Living City/3



From the October 2010 issue of Living City a story that comes from Australia: in 2009 a number of fires sowed death and despair around the city of Victoria.

Here how the community reacted to the tragedy, searching in the humblest persons and in whom had lost everything, what is needed to start over again.

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Soccer Clinic


A parent's generosity progresses from playing with children, to starting a soccer clinic, to establishing  an actual  soccer club.

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Novelty in Living City/2


We propose another article taken from the October 2010 issue of “Living City”; it is a story that comes from Boston (USA); it tells the hospitality offered to all the persons who, coming from a far away country, look in a new city for a relationship that makes them feel welcome. In this case fraternity  makes people feel at home.



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Trento: I live my city with a positive attitude!

“There are people that in a single day, for every single smile complain too many times .... Try and contribute with a half-turn”
This is one of the slogans, that can easily be seen in the streets of Trento, in Northern Italy, thanks to  “Vivopositivo lamiaCittà” (“I live my city with a positive attitude”).

This is the name of an association, whose centre is close to the Buonconsiglio Castle, the largest and most important monumental building of the region. The purpose of the association is “to improve the quality of social and interpersonal relations in the city of Trento”.

It was born thanks to about thirty organizations, which are socially active in the city, and it has at its disposal a sort of virtual window, where one can get to know all the ongoing social initiatives.
Among these initiatives, there is the birth of a network, that connects all the social subjects that work and promote the positive attitude in living in the city. Improving interpersonal relations and contacts with neighbors, looking for all the positive aspects present in everyday life, helps in freeing all personal creative energies, and generates the common good at a low cost. Indeed, as a famous poem by Father Faber says, “a smile costs nothing and produces a lot”.

To better know all the ongoing initiatives, check the association web site.

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