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The message of Cardinal Tettamanzi




The Archbishop of Milan, Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi, issued an invitation to politicians and local administrators of Lombardy, for the "common good" of the city.

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Is sharing contagious?


A consistent theme is that sharing begets more sharing. Rachel Botsman's story about the Santa Rosa tool library, "Is Sharing Contagious?" is a good case in point.

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Press Clippings: Milan looking for her own identity

Milano1On Città Nuova Online we recommend two articles in Italian: Silvano Gianti presents two different overviews about Milan.
The former, titled “Una città in cerca di un Patto” (A city looking for a Pact), starts from the presentation of the report prepared by the Ambosianeum Foundation “Milano 2010. Welfare ambrosiano futuro cercasi” (Milan 2010: looking for a future of the Milanese welfare).


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A key to reading on active citizenship




The city life is an important and intense experience of discovering the other: who they are, where they come from, what they mean to us, what kind of relationship I have with those others who inhabit the same city.

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Can We Design cities for happiness?


In the following we present an interesting article, originally posted in English in the blog Shareable cities.
Enrique Penalosa was the mayor of Bogot, the capital city of Colombia. From his political experience, which lasted till 2001, he drew interesting conclusions, which he is now sharing all over the world; the core of his message is about improving the quality of life for everyone living in  cities today.

Thanks to the successes of his political mandate, Penalosa stands as a beacon of hope for cities of the developing world, which with their poverty and immense problems will absorb much of the world’s population growth over the next half-century.

That is why Penalosa uses phrases like “quality of life” or “social justice”, to describe his agenda of offering poor people first-rate government services and pleasant public places; these are just some examples of a much more complex project, which aims at making happiness a common good, acccessible to everybody.

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