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newsYou will find here in this virtual showcase, the updates and news from all over the world on the various initiatives for the CityFest. New and old experiences clearly show us how much the Ideal of universal brotherhood, when lived in the life of a small or big community, is creative, stimulating, answers to situations sometimes without solutions.  It is a city for every man, with a vision towards the unity of all peoples.

The Igino Giordani Association in Rome is born

foco1The Igino Giordani Association was officially born on Monday, 13 July 2009.  Founded on the principles and actions of the great writer, politician and journalist, one of the first people to make the ideal of fraternity his own, the association will unite the most varied initiatives at the service of the city.

from Paolo Balduzzi - Rome

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In the feast with 300 children

balloonsThe words of a speech given by Chiara Lubich to young people in 1970, are a strong topic even today.  This is the experience of Rosario Cabrero, a Spaniard from Cordova, a member of an association in her town.

By Rosario Cabrero - Cordova (Spain)


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In the Balkans between pain and hope

speranzaSmall and large testimonies from a land torn by ethnic conflicts, where fraternity becomes an occasion for social rehabilitation. And where the hatred slowly leaves the room for hope of a final reconciliation.

From Belgrade - Serbia


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A Prayer for an Innocent Archbishop

zimbabweElianta and Maria are two friends who have decided to live for the others.  Within their community they started a prayer group to defend their Archbishop from political injustice.  Against all odds they continue fighting for justice..

From Zimbabwe

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Education in infant nutrition in a city

childrenA pediatrician’s action in a Recife hospital: Agreement with her colleagues who wish to live fraternity, making them more aware of their patients’ problems. In this way a project for correct nutrition develops that involves the whole region.

from Maria Aparecida de Araujo - Recife (Brazil)

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Active citizenship in Gela

gelaDeacon and inspector: This was Rocco Goldini, who recently passed away, the protagonist of a draft for education to legality in a territory with a strong mafia connotation. Rocco brought the brotherhood as a model to solve together the emerging problems.

By Rocco Goldini - Gela (Italy)

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A school of peace in Columbia

paceSeven days in dialogue between a painful past and a bright future full of uncertainties. In a country in South America there are painful wounds, but there are also hopeful signs in the horizon that make every small effort a gigantic step - always towards the direction of a more united world.

by Monica from Colombia

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Rebuilding a country through education

ricostruireThe difficult situation in the Balkans, where ethnicities and different cultures have been living for years, and where a bloody war has spared no one, leaving deep scars in those who lived it and can tell it. However even here the universal brotherhood is bringing results, thanks to an educational project proposed in some cities.

From Belgrade (Serbia)

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Korea: Promoting brotherhood in a bakery

breadThe couple Joseph and Amata own a bakery, which boosts of a long tradition. They strive to promote brotherhood in their environment, knowing that their work is beneficial to all the community of their area. To achieve their objective they sometimes need to go ‘against the current’ with respect to the accepted customs. This has proved to be the right way to go on many occasions, especially difficult ones.

by Joseph e Amata - Korea


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Voices from the Gange

goaThis is the experience of a protagonist in the educational project ‘Colouring our city’ that was promoted in Goa, India. The project was divided into three phases, and its aim was to address the dramatic conditions in which the poor people live. The institutions and many schools welcomed this initiative; many young people discovered the many hidden talents they possessed, and much more.

by Yvonne Ribeiro - Goa (India)

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The ‘Let’s colour the city’ project at Rosario, Argentina

rosarioIn this Argentine city, one of the strategic centres of the country’s life, a project took place in 2005 intended to be ‘by young people for young people.’ It was based on the practice of the ‘Golden Rule.’ - Unexpected results after more than four years of activity:

Text put together by Paolo Balduzzi

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The Somasche Sisters at the service of young people

prendere-il-voloAs a result of a wrong regional law many young boys and girls entrusted to social services, are likely to remain in the streets until they reach a mature age.  A community of the Missionaries of St Jerome at Cagliari undertakes to start a fund to change things, and are successful in doing it.

By Sister Paula and Sister Veronica – Cagliari (Italy)

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Kewin, Patricia… when the orphanage came to life.

Suore PoloniaSister Malgorzata’s arrival at a grey institutional building which houses abandoned children in Bardo in Poland’s Lower Silesia.  With the help of the other sisters, she manages to change the lives of the children, involving them in a project that captures the imagination of the whole city.

From Sister Malgorzata - Bardo (Polonia)

I am Sister Małgorzata, from the Sisters of Mary Immaculate. I live in Bardo and I work as a teacher in an orphanage.

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The Upatanisho Concert”- The Reconciliation Concert

riconciliazioneAfter the last presidential elections, Kenya suffered dramatic moments. During the fights among different factions, some persons died, and others were wounded. The work of the youth that in that country live for the universal brotherhood, and therefore for the reconciliation among different ethnic groups.

by Magnolia and Wandji - Nairobi (Kenya)


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With “the Kite ” in Naples once again we can fly.

uovaFor once, “making an omelet” means saying something positive.  It happened in Naples, in the suburb of Forcella, where the work of a nun and the community help young people and their families going through a tough time.

By Sister Anna Pasinetti - Napoli (Italia)


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To be a mother, or even more

suoraSister Angiola follows closely many difficult situations involving children in Italy and other parts of the world. Here she narrates how the abandonment of three Ethiopian children by their parents set in motion a city’s generosity.

by Sr. Angiola - Verona (Italia)

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On The Ganges River

gange “We Colour Our City” is an educational project in India, a land of many contrasts, rich and diverse that no other part of the world has the fascination to attract thousands of tourists.  The youth education has the fundamental role to present a more livable city of today and tomorrow.

by Mary Calleja - Mumbai (India)


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A new “home” for Alexander and Christina

bussare“Faced with the facts of life I find myself giving advice to people according to how I feel at that particular moment (...) nevertheless when I start my counselling with charity, I never make a mistake.” (Igino Giordani).  This is what Angela Taschini, an Italian lady from the Piedmont region, together with her husband, Enzo, did to help a young couple in difficulty.

by Angela Taschini - Italy

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12° Edition Fair Spring

teen4unitySunday, 17 May from 9.30 to the 18.30 at the  America Avenue in Rome (Meter B-Eur Palasport)

In the green fields of the small Eur Lake in Rome, also this year the appointment with the Spring Fair returns, promoted by the Youth for a United World of the Focolare Movement.  This will be done in collaboration with the Association of New Ways for a United World and New Humanity, involving local schools and associations, in order to answer to the needs of thousands of young people from developing countries.

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A Loving City

riverNorth Riverside (USA): A family in need receives the gratuitous help of a whole community. This, in turn, spurs that family into an initiative in favor of the poorest and of the city as a whole. This shows the power unleashed by reciprocal relationships that involve the administration, at all levels, of a city meant to take care of all its citizens.

Carole Sale – North Riverside, IL., USA

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What are you doing that for?

A question that often comes up when you live in less advantaged parts of town where commitment to build a better city becomes a challenge, especially with yourself. This touching story is a dramatically relevant experience regarding the commitment of adults and the disarming innocence of young people.

Eleana Pace - Palermo, Italy

I belong to the ‘Legal Commission’ of the school in Palermo where I teach.
There’s a very good relationship of respect between us teachers, which has helped us in a context of disastrous neglect, with classrooms scarred by broken doors, smashed desks, gaps in the walls, filthy stairways. There were outbreaks of vandalism and unacceptable violence during the year, which, since they went unpunished, led to an ever worsening climate of bullying on the one hand, and of hopeless resignation by others.

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Social Ethics

There is a bond between spirituality and social commitment that is summed up in ethics: the spiritual elevation of the individual guides it to responsible action in every environment. In the Gospel and in the Scared Books of the other religions there exists the so called Golden Rule, “Do to others what you wish others will do to you”: here is the proposal for a public set of ethics that is easy to translate into the ethics of history.

Health: Person, Environment

Thinking of “the common good” by thinking first of the well-being of the individual is a sure way of finding previously unimagined solutions, but also for sharing ideas and proposals to better the quality of life in our cities, even from the ecological point of view. From the global to the particular, the commitment to health and psychophysical well-being generates a good life which is part of a better society.

Social Harmony and Art

There is a profound relationship between space and society: the quality of the environment in which we work, live and relax also has a decisive influence on the kind of relationships and therefore on the quality of life of every person. Looked at from the angle of fraternity, human relationships and the inhabitants’ need of beauty can point to solutions and ideas that will have the whole person at the center and therefore ”furnish a house” that is good for all.

Education and Culture

The human and cultural formation both of the individual and of society is a fundamental richness for society. If fraternity is a way of thinking and acting seen from the pedagogical aspect, it can propel a united model of research that will bring out the direct relationship between theory and practice, between words and concrete life. This is because the idea of the common good also depends on the idea of the person who is being referred to.

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