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newsYou will find here in this virtual showcase, the updates and news from all over the world on the various initiatives for the CityFest. New and old experiences clearly show us how much the Ideal of universal brotherhood, when lived in the life of a small or big community, is creative, stimulating, answers to situations sometimes without solutions.  It is a city for every man, with a vision towards the unity of all peoples.

The creative youths of Santo Domingo

SDomingoSanto Domingo is a tourist destination par excellence and at the same time, a poverty-stricken island of Central America. Even here the ideal of fraternity, lived especially among the young people, is creating a new culture that responds to the wounds of the city.

by Margarita Cano - Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)

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The revolution of Glolé


The City Project in Côte d'Ivoire. After Kanawolo it is now the turn of Glolé, a small village near the Isle of Man, where action and contemplation go hand in hand to revive the village.

by Gueu Séraphin-Man, Cote d'Ivoire

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Genoa, working with the Roma




Daily life in the city of the Lantern: reciprocity in relationships with the Roma and Sinti communities, working towards a respectful integration. Four friends tell us …

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Association KI against drug trafficking

71_filippineThe community of Cebu, the Philippines, tells us how it has been working for some years to free the city from the scourge of drug trafficking: from cultural and preventive actions to the tracking of smuggling, in collaboration with the institutions.

From the community of Cebu-The Philippines

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Angels in Rome

AngeliaRomaCities are often harbingers of dynamic networks made up of associations, services, run by people who work quietly to give citizenship to those who are marginalized by society. In Rome, for example, an "operational group" inspired by the ideal of fraternity, in prison. Here are some of their stories.

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Algeria: the chance to "look" beyond

sguardiAlgeriaSometimes responding to a request for help may have unforeseeable consequences.  This happened to Scheherazad who is from Oran, Algeria. Together with the community in the city, an overwhelming Muslim majority, she took the opportunity to take care of the blind, giving life to a pilot experience in its genre, which brings the city to look "beyond".
From the community of Oran-Algeria

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Arts&Culture, reshaping urban life



Thirty young artists under the age of thirty, from Italy, Germany, and the Czech Republic, express themselves through painting, sculpture and musical compositions. It's an itinerary that crosses five European cities.

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Nigeria: Justice in Examinations

OnitshauniversityThere is justice and justice: concerning the great battles of principle, in our daily life - even with trivial things. Love for our city requires our commitment to ban those widespread small illegal acts that, without our noticing it, end up poisoning society.
You can understand from this story that comes to us from Nigeria that it is very difficult to do this in many countries and when we succeed it is a real achievement.

By Ngozi Ozemenam, Nigeria

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The other city

altra_citta_salesianiThe Salesians of Don Bosco, formally known as the Society of St Francis of Sales, are a Religious Congregation of men devoted to apostolic and missionary activity and to the many different works inspired by Christian charity, but especially the service of young people, in particular those who are poorer and disadvantaged.

Open to the cultural values of the lands in which they work, they try to understand them and become part of them so as to incarnate in them the message of the Gospel.

The needs of the young, of ordinary people, the desire to work with the Church and in her name, inspire and shape their concrete pastoral activity so as to bring about a more just world and one of greater fellowship.

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Trento for peace


Trento, in northern Italy, is leading  since eight years a special initiative that involves seven comprehensive schools, two preschools and two high schools with the participation of more than 2,500 among children, teens, students, teachers.

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The best for our children

ChicagoWhen we think of teachers, we often think of people prepared to address specific academic subjects. Yet teachers do much more than explain particular subject matters. Their lessons also address life and have implications that go far beyond the classroom.

By Maria Villar- New Jersey- (USA)

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Three Schools in Ireland


This is the story  of a brotherhood link, built between Catholic and Protestant schools in Northern Ireland. All this, in order to answer the wounds of Ulster, … but not only that.

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The vanguard of Melbourne

Anne & Brian Hickey 


In the modern Australian city, Anna's illness becomes the occasion for a community to give a credible answer to the pain of patients, leading to new results even from the scientific and legal standpoint.

By Lorraine Lipson-Melbourne (Australia)

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The 88-nationality chain



Westphalia, Northern Germany.  The city of Kamen, with its 88 nationalities, is indeed a small cosmopolitan universe. Two priests, particularly sensitive to young people, and moved by the ideal of fraternity, tell us how they succeed in establishing links, that from solidarity blossom in fraternity.

by Meinolf Wacker- Kamen (Germany)

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Venice, this dangerous road



A main road, a blind corner and motorists always racing along. A deadly cocktail that puts pedestrians’ lives at risk. Until someone decides, for the good of the whole community, to take the situation in hand.

from Luisa Busato – Venice, Italy

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A glimpse on Lebanon, the Cedar Country

BeyrouthDaisy and Samir Najm are Lebanese and have three children. They were living in the USA, with good job prospects, when war broke in their country. They went back home to be of help to the whole community in the dialogue between the different ethnic groups and even with those who fought against their motherland. In doing so they discovered the meaning of their life and their commitment within their cities.

by Daisy and Samir Najm (Lebanon)

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Glocalcity Project

Progetto-Glocalcity1Young people today face many challenges: globalisation, social justice, the meeting/clash between different cultures and ethnic groups. These problems are often concentrated in the cities which house 60% of the world’s population. How can they be transformed into ‘learning centres of harmonious living’?

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A heart for Toronto

TorontoThe community of Toronto writes of how they live universal fraternity in a cosmopolitan city full of charm, which also affords opportunities for peoples and cultures to meet which give a new ‘heart’ to the city.

From Norma Angel and Mary Laframboise – Canada

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Bridge between two seas

Porto-GenovaThe Italian government and the EU have recently given final approval to a project to construct a railway link connecting the ports of Genoa and Rotterdam. At the heart of the events that have unfolded in the last few days, is an extraordinary story of a group of Genoans who, many years ago, simply but decisively, put their skills at the disposal of the city, in response to the sufferings of the Carrugi. Today we recount the unexpected outcome.

By Paolo Balduzzi (with a contribution from Roberto Zanovello) Genoa (Italy)

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Social Ethics

There is a bond between spirituality and social commitment that is summed up in ethics: the spiritual elevation of the individual guides it to responsible action in every environment. In the Gospel and in the Scared Books of the other religions there exists the so called Golden Rule, “Do to others what you wish others will do to you”: here is the proposal for a public set of ethics that is easy to translate into the ethics of history.

Health: Person, Environment

Thinking of “the common good” by thinking first of the well-being of the individual is a sure way of finding previously unimagined solutions, but also for sharing ideas and proposals to better the quality of life in our cities, even from the ecological point of view. From the global to the particular, the commitment to health and psychophysical well-being generates a good life which is part of a better society.

Social Harmony and Art

There is a profound relationship between space and society: the quality of the environment in which we work, live and relax also has a decisive influence on the kind of relationships and therefore on the quality of life of every person. Looked at from the angle of fraternity, human relationships and the inhabitants’ need of beauty can point to solutions and ideas that will have the whole person at the center and therefore ”furnish a house” that is good for all.

Education and Culture

The human and cultural formation both of the individual and of society is a fundamental richness for society. If fraternity is a way of thinking and acting seen from the pedagogical aspect, it can propel a united model of research that will bring out the direct relationship between theory and practice, between words and concrete life. This is because the idea of the common good also depends on the idea of the person who is being referred to.

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