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The story we tell you today is at the same time extraordinary and particular. It is the dramatic parable, that changed the life of a man, and of many other persons, who, thank to him and to his colleagues, have found a new dignity.

Pierangelo Tassano is from Genoa. In the Sixties he was a metal worker and labor union active member. On March 30th 1965 he found himself at death's door due to a serious work accident. He was miraculously saved, but lost both feet. In those tragic moments he regained the strength and the joy of living, thanks to the encounter with the Ideal of fraternity. Therefore he decided to make the most of his experience, in order to help all the persons in the city, that lead a hard life.
Now he is 68, has four children, and six nephews; with his Cooperative "The Pelican" he is an entrepreneur, that gives work to 900 people: among them, drug and alcohol addicts, handicapped and mentally ill persons. "What I experienced, helped me in understanding that solidarity is written in the heart of each single person, beyond any personal belief."
Pierangelo tells his story to Rosario Carello, in an interview to the Italian National TV, which you can listen to in Italian right here.

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