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Twelve students (representatives of two Italian high schools) left for Africa accompanied by 3 teachers, 2 animators, two shareholders of Unicoop of Florence, a representative of the Focolare Movement and a cameraman.

Their goal: to spend a week of sharing with the African youth of their age-group, from January 16 to 24. The venue chosen: Fontem, in the Northwest of  English-speakingCameroun. Today, this Camerunese city has 40 thousand inhabitants. The Focolare Movement has helped in its growth, together with others, starting from the ‘60s. But let us allow Stefano, one of the youth, to share his experience which was published in their school bulletin: 

…A trip to discover a different reality, at times difficult to digest, because of the poverty that we met, but it was a school of life, for all the things that we were able to learn… We discovered a different culture, that thinks differently… We started off with the idea of going there to give medicines, pens, papers, notebooks, to share about ourselves, about Europe, only to discover instead that … there are still people who would sell even what little they had just to make you feel at home;  people who have never seen you and yet welcome you like kings; they are not racists as many of us are; that in a few days they have grown fond of you in a way that you would never know how to do with anyone.


You can see the Lipdub that student realized in 2013. Click on the image below:




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