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On Sunday 6th April the second Living Peace Festival will take place in Cairo, part of the international initiative to educate people for peace which began in Eygpt three years ago, to which more than 18,000 students belong as well as 100 schools: 20 from Eygpt and others from 103 different countries around the world.  

«For two days now, the backdrop in Cairo has been one of shooting and suicide bombs, protests and celebrations, news of the latest victims... At the same time I am in my room spending the day collecting and translating many experiences that are coming in from all over the world: Cameroon, USA, Europe, Egypt, Canada...»

These are the words of Doctor Carlos Palma, the person behind the initiative. Doctor Palma is Professor of English at the international American College in Cairo, who for the last 3 years has dedicated himself to creating international initiatives in schools to spread an ‘education for peace’.

«I believe this work is a complete novelty in schools in Cairo because whenever I propose a project of this kind, I am met with surprise, warmth, commitment and enthusiasm at the idea that pupils from other countries are also involved”.  So, over the last few years Doctor Palma and the community in Cairo have been able to set up many projects whose ripple effects have surpassed every expectation, both in the personal lives of students and pupils and in the life of the institutions to which they belong, thanks to this new method of educating for peace which provides a living network between students and schools in many parts of the world.  

«Immediately after the revolution of 25th January 2011 we organised the first Festival for Peace, involving schools from around the world.  We received messages from US President Barack Obama, from Mary McAleese, former President of the Republic of Ireland, and from Princess Haya of Jordan».

This was followed by projects of solidarity with students in Japan in the aftermath of the Tsunami, and similarly with students in Sudan and Syria, as well as participating in peace initiatives launched by UNICEF and other international organisations.

«Thanks to this work»- concludes Doctor Palma- «we were invited to the World Peace Forum in Schengen three years ago to give witness to our work for peace, our  international  projects and to the lives of children and young people before, during and after the Revolution. Since then we have attended the World Peace Forum every year with an ever growing number of young people, all of whom are Muslim. Also since then we have created a network of relationships which continue to sustain and encourage our efforts for peace».

Right now, we are approaching the final straight of the pdf  Living Peace 2014 . Thanks to this video clip, you can see something of what we have achieved over the last two years.


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