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A glimpse on Lebanon, the Cedar Country

BeyrouthDaisy and Samir Najm are Lebanese and have three children. They were living in the USA, with good job prospects, when war broke in their country. They went back home to be of help to the whole community in the dialogue between the different ethnic groups and even with those who fought against their motherland. In doing so they discovered the meaning of their life and their commitment within their cities.

by Daisy and Samir Najm (Lebanon)

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A new “home” for Alexander and Christina

bussare“Faced with the facts of life I find myself giving advice to people according to how I feel at that particular moment (...) nevertheless when I start my counselling with charity, I never make a mistake.” (Igino Giordani).  This is what Angela Taschini, an Italian lady from the Piedmont region, together with her husband, Enzo, did to help a young couple in difficulty.

by Angela Taschini - Italy

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The tree and the hammer

A “colourful” apartment in Italy where ethnic people with various customs confront one another.  And if ink can become gloomy, Rosanna’s confidence in spite of the difficulties she faced, succeeds and receives the appreciation of everyone.  It is an entire apartment block that is transformed.

By Rosaria Vicalvi from Ancona (Italy)

I live in a suburb in Ancona, where a lot of foreigners live. The impact of this new dimension in our city, for us locals who have lived here for many years, has been very hard.

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