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A “colourful” apartment in Italy where ethnic people with various customs confront one another.  And if ink can become gloomy, Rosanna’s confidence in spite of the difficulties she faced, succeeds and receives the appreciation of everyone.  It is an entire apartment block that is transformed.

By Rosaria Vicalvi from Ancona (Italy)

I live in a suburb in Ancona, where a lot of foreigners live. The impact of this new dimension in our city, for us locals who have lived here for many years, has been very hard.

The reasons, humanly speaking, were justifiable: cans and bottles scattered along the roads, park benches used like beds, drunk persons on the roads day and night. Bad manners, rubbish. To make them respect the rules of the condominium was impossible, not only because of the difficulties in making them understand, but also because “they” have parked themselves like masters, controlling or influencing events or other things. My first reaction therefore was to close myself up towards everyone.

Even if I tried living for universal brotherhood for a long time, I noticed I was not succeeding, and indeed, I felt only anger towards the new neighbors, arriving at kicking the cans that were left in the road: the hardest moments were to realise that hatred seemed to have won.

Moreover, because of a misunderstanding, someone on the roof threatened me with a hammer; I got scared, thinking of the possible consequences of what was happening.

In those moments I understood that my attitude, also justified, would not bring about any solution, but could only make matters worse.

One day person made me think, reminding me that also the Sacred Family had to find shelter in foreign land, needing everyting. I tried then to put myself in the shoes of my neighbors, to understand them a little bit more.

As an example, the Egyptian family: a pregnant mother with their third child, her husband with the hammer from the roof who wanted to throw it on me. I begun to be interested in her, with her condition. Involving some friends we have prepared a a complete set of clothing and accessories for the newborn baby.

From these first initiatives, a relationship also with other families was born where we shared things and helped each other.  One day, while going to visit the newborn baby, her husband opened the door, and welcomed me with: “May God bless you”. He is a fisherman, and begun to offer fresh fish in the morning to me and other families, like a sign of gratefulness and friendship.

Christmas came and we took advantage of this occasion to make a feast, respecting every culture, above all for the least, composing a great tree in the courtyard, and giving every child a personal gift, thought by everyone

It was enough to listen to that voice, that single time, which pushed me to change my attitude.  And today it has renewed my apartment block.

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