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Torneo-AbruzzoOn April 6th 2009 a terrible earthquake hit the Abruzzi. Despite the pain and discomfort, as it often happens, young people, with their simplicity and their enthusiasm aare the ones that find the infectious energy, in order to make every obstacle a new possibility of life, to give happiness to those who suffer. The story that comes to us from the boys of Roseto degli Abruzzi is one example.



From the community of Roseto degli Abruzzi (Te) – Italy


We are a group of young people from Abruzzo: we feel a strong need to share the life of those we meet, taking part to the joy or the pain of the moment.
We too want to contribute in  making the city more beautiful for everyone, to give witness that we are already brothers among us. To do this we feel it is necessary that first of all we share with those in need.

Thus, the earthquake in the Abruzzi region this past spring has made us to participate, whenever possible, in the pain, difficulties, anxieties and discomforts of those, who had been hit by the quake.

After the first emergency we stood side by side, in the cities that have hosted the homeless, with our Aquilan brothers.
A lot of them were persons of our own age, and we wondered how to spend the time, until the complex reconstruction machine had been put into action.

Antonio, an Aquilan father, was impressed by the solidarity and concrete action by our friends.  He had the idea that he, too, though still wounded, could do something concrete for others. Then, thanks to his experience as a soccer coach, asked us to organize a soccer tournament, to entertain and engage young Aquilans, who are guests in hotels on the coast.

This idea made us very enthusiastic: there is, in fact, no better reality than sport to help create a family, build new friendships. Together with Sportmeet, a network of athletes and sport professionals pursuing the development of a new culture of sports oriented to universal brotherhood, we created the "Tournament of heart", a mini football league with ten teams from Aquila, Roseto of the Abruzzi, and Pescara.

Thanks to the solidarity of so many people, contribution of T-shirts, shoes, awards and medals had arrived. Indeed it was a veritable feast.
The desire to compete was so great that the first games were played well, notwithstanding the abundant rain that fell.

As everybody knows, at least in Italy, soccer is considered like a small war, and if one adds to this all the tensions accumulated by each participant in these days, one can say that the undertaking was really difficult, but eventually the friendship and brotherhood won.
Everyone has been very mindful of the fact that the joy of a victory can last a week, but the beauty of a friendship is everlasting and enriches life.
Thus a relationship with each single person was born. With many of them we arranged to meet for a "treasure hunt" and, in our cities, for a pizza together.

We were able to verify that this is the true and simple recipe for the perfect city:  where everything is shared, where the joys are doubled and sorrows can be divided and carried together! Thanks to the others, also our city becomes more beautiful, because more beautiful is the relationship between all of us.

We believe that the city that will be reborn, will be a new L'Aquila, more beautiful and stronger not only in the walls and foundations, but also, in human values and ties, because everybody could experience that the "brother helped by his brother is like a strong city”!

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