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foco1The Igino Giordani Association was officially born on Monday, 13 July 2009.  Founded on the principles and actions of the great writer, politician and journalist, one of the first people to make the ideal of fraternity his own, the association will unite the most varied initiatives at the service of the city.

from Paolo Balduzzi - Rome

Eighteen people sign up to the association.  After the memoranda of Association are read out with more than a hint of emotion, the founding members of the “Igino Giordani” Association write their names in full as a sign of the commitment that they as this new body propose to bring ahead.

In the years immediately after Giordani’s death in 1980 various associations were born with the aim of spreading the ideal of fraternity proposed by the charism of Chiara Lubich for today’s society, particularly through the intellectual and religious person of Igino Giordani
Wherever they are located, the associations have become bearers of the most varied initiatives, and have put themselves forward as institutional spokespeople for local government and for the local Church.

Igino Giordani: journalist, writer, politician, exegete and ... Roman.  In his very town of election an official association of this type was missing, even though in nearby Tivoli, where Giordani was born in 1894, an association had been active for years.

As from July 2009 Rome finally has an association of this type at the service of the city: this is clearly stated in its statutes, which were read by the newly President Corrado Betti who was a great friend of Giordani
“Today more than ever”- Betti reminds us as he sets his signature -“we need to seek a true encounter with the city, so as to understand it and love it according to what it needs and its treasures. Giordani did nothing but this, opening himself up to the rest of the world at the same time that is crying out for universal fraternity. A concrete need that can also be satisfied with little things that make people feel that they part of one single family”.

This is why the activity of the association will be explained through economic initiatives, with political and religious dialogue; social and cultural projects, in the most varied fields, which seek not so much to resolve one particular problem, “but to bring a light, the light that helps us not only to see the complex problems of our city, but also the city’s possibilities, and to make its contribution so that Rome can really become “everyone’s home”.

The association is already working on the first projects: the first one was a conference on "Igino Giordani: to live the city, a proposal for all", which was held on 5 February in the presence of about 80 people in the room headed to Giordani in Rome.
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