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“Creating a sensibility for solidarity and relations among different cultures in young people and foreigners”: as the organizers explain, this is the aim of the literary competition “Different … but 1”, whose award ceremony took place on Saturday May 22nd 2010 in Teramo, in Central Abruzzo.



The event is organized by the cultural cooperative “Spartaco Lucarini”, by the national association “Oltre le frontiere” (Beyond Borders) from Teramo, by the Islamic Community of Abruzzi, and by the Movement New Humanity; this year it took place for the 11th time.

The competition was born out of the wish of all these associations to do something together for their city. Therefore they turned to high school students, to various foreign communities living in the surroundings, and to detainees of the local  prison: the idea was to make them all protagonists of a dialogue that can help in living a complex reality, such as the one we experience in everyday life in our cities, in the prospect of universal brotherhood.

The title of the competition explains very well the features of the event: not just the usual literary prize, but more an opportunity for the city to rediscover the pillars of its own social life; opening oneself to other and different people becomes a chance of both a personal and communitarian growth. As Angela and Andrea Di Stefano, two of the persons from Teramo in charge of the organization, wrote us, “during the year we met with high school students from the province, with various foreign communities living in the surroundings, and we visited the detainees of the Teramo prison: we wanted to present the initiative to all of them”.

The theme of the competition, structured in a number of events and sections, was a poem by Rainer Maria Rilk, which says, among the rest: “Loving each other, man beside man, is probably our hardest task …”.
And finally Saturday May 22nd 2010 arrived: starting from 4.30 pm, at the Theater  “Parco della Scienza” (Science Park), the meeting “A dialogue among men that are at peace service” opened its doors to all the city components, with the award ceremony for the winners. Among the participants  Eli Folonari, who presented the figure of Chiara Lubich in her relationships both with other religions believers and persons of non religious beliefs. Pasquale Ferrara, a diplomat, talked about his personal dialogue experience at intenational level, and the Imam Kamal Layachi gave his contribution, as representative of the Islam Community in Veneto (Northern Italy).

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