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Claudia, a child from Rome, tells us one of the many initiatives that the children are putting in place to help so many of their peers, all over the world. We start from Rome.



By Claudia-Rome-Text collected by Paolo Balduzzi

By definition the city is the meeting place of many people, of the most different conditions and ages. The care for the different ages of life are a particular characteristic of those who live the ideal of fraternity. The pressure everyone feels inside to go towards the others, in order to search for their own good, is so universal, that there is no distinction between adults, elderly and children. It is a  real people, where all agree on the way to a more united world, bringing out that creativity, which is typical of all ages, and whence the most varied and imaginative activities flow.

And this text is dedicated to the "work" of the younger ones: they, like so many others, strove, with their so typical enthusiasm, in all the initiatives to make their city more beautiful. Like Claudia, who tells us how a very special initiative was born: "Spark of Love":

"We too want to see in others the chance to love and be happy. So many times Chiara Lubich has told us kids, that Jesus is in the poor. Once she went to Brazil, and there she saw many, many poor children. An idea was born of giving birth to companies, where people give a portion of their earnings to the poor.  We are small, we cannot set up companies, but we too want to give our contribution, to help the poor of our cities around the world.

We make necklaces, bracelets, and other things, and we sell them to our friends and we bring the proceed to the poor. This year we collected 1905 euros, to please so many of our friends!"
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