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Association KI against drug trafficking

71_filippineThe community of Cebu, the Philippines, tells us how it has been working for some years to free the city from the scourge of drug trafficking: from cultural and preventive actions to the tracking of smuggling, in collaboration with the institutions.

From the community of Cebu-The Philippines

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Angels in Rome

AngeliaRomaCities are often harbingers of dynamic networks made up of associations, services, run by people who work quietly to give citizenship to those who are marginalized by society. In Rome, for example, an "operational group" inspired by the ideal of fraternity, in prison. Here are some of their stories.

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Nigeria: Justice in Examinations

OnitshauniversityThere is justice and justice: concerning the great battles of principle, in our daily life - even with trivial things. Love for our city requires our commitment to ban those widespread small illegal acts that, without our noticing it, end up poisoning society.
You can understand from this story that comes to us from Nigeria that it is very difficult to do this in many countries and when we succeed it is a real achievement.

By Ngozi Ozemenam, Nigeria

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The Londrina Prison

prisonAn overcrowded women’s prison. The local community’s opinion on the “City Project” and actions to be taken in respect to prisoners’ rights, while working with government institutions and achieving concrete results.

From Londrina (Brasile) - by Paolo Balduzzi

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A Prayer for an Innocent Archbishop

zimbabweElianta and Maria are two friends who have decided to live for the others.  Within their community they started a prayer group to defend their Archbishop from political injustice.  Against all odds they continue fighting for justice..

From Zimbabwe

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