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gelaDeacon and inspector: This was Rocco Goldini, who recently passed away, the protagonist of a draft for education to legality in a territory with a strong mafia connotation. Rocco brought the brotherhood as a model to solve together the emerging problems.

By Rocco Goldini - Gela (Italy)
My name is Rocco, I am a deacon and an Inspector and Chief police officer of Gela, my home town in southern Sicily. Rosa and I am married with three children.

Last year I was instructed by my command to hold "Lessons of safety education and legality" in schools of all levels.

This year, particularly in a primary school, the manager has made a request to start an "educational" course even for teachers, by presenting a project to be extended later to pupils in primary schools.

"Investing in Education", "Active citizenship", "Participation and Co-responsibility" are the themes of a message that is new, especially in education, helps to give the subject, in this case a boy, a "pro-social" model for its growth, limiting the damage and dangers that the road today presents. It is the challenge that the Municipal Police Command of Gela approved by marrying the project I submitted.

Thus it was possible to create a path to empowerment, to start changing habits and customs in a land where the mafia is very present, frayed by a fragmented culture: bringing together various educational agencies, schools, families, institutions public education in a path of dialogue, proposing to eliminate the "against" and to let the "for" in.

I set out from the highway code and took only parts, which are of interest to primary school children, namely the parts  regarding pedestrians: the road markings, road signs, how to move from home to school safely, and then how to spend the free time, with the use of the first vehicle that we have all ridden, the bike.

I tried to combine the interdisciplinary nature of educational agents, such as school, family, public institution, the community from which I depend. By bringing together these elements into a single entity "for" children, the teacher was therefore "married" with the deacon.

The project has been successful. There were involved, enthusiastic, an entire elementary school, a director, 60 teachers, a vice mayor, the senior Municipal Police Commander, in the area most at risk in the city.

This "Active citizenship" project is already in place, because children share the project and are involved, parents are happy, the teachers say, "Finally the work is done concretely".

We see that the city slowly transforms itself, operating on three levels: the first is the marking, which was previously invisible and has now been repainted. The second is that of road signs, non-existent or already partially torn. Finally, the reorganization of space, with the creation of a cycle track safe for children.

These are all things, we have never talked about, because here, in the land of the mafia, not only these things cannot be talked about, but there is also lack of time to think about them.

It's really amazing to be able to get together, and especially to ensure that a project is shared and becomes an educational method to be proposed in the schools.

The "active citizenship" is a model, because the people within, find a new brotherhood and together solve emerging problems.

We feel that this project is an opportunity to continue to defy the utopia, because even in our city a gap  can be opened up for what it is and will always be a hope: "Together is more beautiful and it can be done".
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