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zimbabweElianta and Maria are two friends who have decided to live for the others.  Within their community they started a prayer group to defend their Archbishop from political injustice.  Against all odds they continue fighting for justice..

From Zimbabwe

“People are hungry.  People die because our government tell lies.”

These are strong words from Mons. Pius Ncube, Archbishop of Bulawayo, the second largest city of Zimbabwe, during a speech he gave in 2004 against the Government of Robert Mugabe. On that occasion the Archbishop spoke of torture that is widely practised: "Many people in this country were tortured to death, and as Christians we must oppose torture".

Mons. Ncube is an Archbishop in the front line defending the rights of his people . For years he has raised his voice against the dramatic deterioration of the social-economic state in his country. The Archbishop took one very tough position vis-à-vis President Robert Mugabe who has been largely accused of bringing Zimbabwe down into chaos and imposing a dictatorship.

Mons. Ncube has risked being killed repeatedly, even if the attackers have always been unsuccessful. To kill him  would have been "dangerous" for the Government because the people love their Bishop.  They recognise him as their defender at national and international levels; he is the untiring denunciatore of injustices perpetrated by the Administration today.

It is probably for these reasons that recently, the newspaper of the country run by the same Government, attempted a big coup to discredit the Archbishop.

Suddenly in all the newspapers a story was written: a complaint of adultery against the Archbishop. A lot of people were confused, not knowing what to think.  The Archbishop was speechless in front of this attack; he began fasting and shut himself in private.

Elianta and Maria are two friends who care about fraternity, starting with their country. With the help of their community they had the idea of praying in the Cathedral during their lunch break. All the media controlled by the Government will certainly not change their view but gathered in prayer would have certainly been the best and most eloquent testimony of support for the Archbishop .

Elianta and Mary were advised not to pursue the initiative for fear the newspapers and local TV media were waiting for every opportunity to blame someone. But they were not afraid and decided to risk it. During the first day there was only a small group in Church, but then in the following days more people participated in prayer, filling up the Cathedral. All the Catholics were encouraged, and were joined by members of other churches who were also convinced of the innocence of Mons. Ncube. After a few days, the Bishop who was very moved came to the Cathedral to thank the faithful and pray with them.

Everyone understood they can’t be fooled, and although occasionally some defamatory campaign is printed in the papers, public opinion is now concentrated on the real problems of the country: empty shops, without food, untenable inflation, and the economic crisis that becomes ever more acute.
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