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OnitshauniversityThere is justice and justice: concerning the great battles of principle, in our daily life - even with trivial things. Love for our city requires our commitment to ban those widespread small illegal acts that, without our noticing it, end up poisoning society.
You can understand from this story that comes to us from Nigeria that it is very difficult to do this in many countries and when we succeed it is a real achievement.

By Ngozi Ozemenam, Nigeria

I am a teacher and for a long time I have lived the ideal of fraternity together with many other people in my city.  At one point it became evident to all of us that there was a moral problem  in the area of education.

Often there is favouritism in Exams so that it is those who have (influential) people to ‘support’ or recommend them, who succeed in exams regardless of their ability or preparation.
This impacts negatively on the training of young people who are convinced  that they cannot move forward in society based on their human skills and professional ability but only on the amount of backing they have – (Not what they know but who they know!).

Following this, we went into action all together. We contacted the local Church  leaders to propose an educational forum aimed at tackling the problem.

It was attended by 127 teachers who had the opportunity to become aware of  the need to be transparent and honest in performing their  task. At the end of the Forum some principles were formulated to combat all forms of improper conduct in examinations, and to help students to benefit from their studies.

Later,  2000 teachers attended a large meeting for all educators in the province. Also present were: the Government Commissioner for Education, a representative of the Parliament, other Ministry officials, as well as priests and religious involved in this area.                              

The proposals for ethics (legality, justice) in the area of examinations were accepted.

Certainly, many obstacles remain, and at times it seems like a fight against a mountain, but right now we are ready for anything, even to pay in person. In  fact, some of us have been seriously threatened, but the future of our children is too dear to our hearts.

As a result of this action, during the state examination, for the admission to university of 600 students, teachers and examiners undertook to carry out the tests properly. After the examinations, the same examiners said that everything had been conducted legally. And the students were satisfied.

I would say we are experienciing the great power of an action taken by the whole "family" living to bring about  universal brotherhood, creating a new mind-set through which everybody  has a chance of success without resorting to illegality.

Some say that we are naive, I say that's true, this is a start, but we are convinced not to give up.

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