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speranzaSmall and large testimonies from a land torn by ethnic conflicts, where fraternity becomes an occasion for social rehabilitation. And where the hatred slowly leaves the room for hope of a final reconciliation.

From Belgrade - Serbia


In countries born from the dissolution of Yugoslavia, the war and the events of recent years have caused, in addition to death, violence and destruction, including a deep wound in the social fabric.

There are still tensions, in some respect, quite evident among some ethnic groups, such as between Serbs and Albanians, or among the latest and the Macedonians.

Throughout the territory there is the presence of a discrete and precise group of people linked by the same ideal of universal brotherhood.

All of us, young, old, families, priests, Christians and Muslims, we often met to reflect on what could be the specific contribution of fraternity to social and political reconstruction of our countries. Emergencies in fact, materializes today on several fronts: here there appear only two, in summary..

• Looking around, we have seen in displaced persons from Kosovo who fled from war in their country, a privileged opportunity to start from the most needy, experiencing one of the thorniest issues. In Belgrade, we met a dozen displaced families, which aside from material aid, needed to be listened to and friendship.
We worked hard, and some of them were able to find accommodation and work, in this way regaining security and faith in themselves.

For the Kosovars, the vision of family as a clan is very important. It is part of their culture. Yet the fellowship has opened their hearts, as one of them tell one of us: "You're the first person to whom I confided my problems."

• On the other hand in Serbia holidays were organized for young people and families of all ethnicities in the country and, to the surprise of everyone, also 10 young Kosovars came.
During the holidays, one evening, the young people gathered to sing. The Serbs began to play their music and the Albanians of Kosovo stood up. After a moment of suspense, we saw them dance to the music of Serbia, just as they did when the Kosovar Serbs sang their songs. There were two politicians who commented: "This is a historic evening, unrepeatable! This should happen in politics: being able to recognize ourselves as brothers, to love each other with the heart".

• Another Muslim friend of ours was in the hospital to visit a relative. At some point he realized the desperation of a woman, who could not provide the blood to his father for an urgent operation.
Since he knew he had the same blood group, he offered to donate his blood and called other friends as well, resolving the situation.

Upon leaving the hospital the lady ran after them in order to thank them, discovering that his father, a Macedonian, was saved by an Albanian. "The blood knows no ethnicity" was the headline in a local paper the next day.
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