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balloonsThe words of a speech given by Chiara Lubich to young people in 1970, are a strong topic even today.  This is the experience of Rosario Cabrero, a Spaniard from Cordova, a member of an association in her town.

By Rosario Cabrero - Cordova (Spain)


Some time ago I read something written by Chiara Lubich: "One city is not enough".

These words inspired me to be committed to my Neighbourhood Association
, where I am now the Secretary.

Initially there were many ideas: from organising a children’s party to proposals of improving the city square.

I wanted the largest possible number of associations in the neighbourhood to be involved so that the result of each activity was a shared work.

This meant a commitment in building an honest relationship with everyone, aimed at enhancing the characteristics of every person, highlighting common ideas, but always ready to set them aside if it were an obstacle to the joint work.

There were some difficult times, but always remembering  the words of Chiara, it was clear I had made the choice to commit myself for the sake of my neighborhood, going beyond the difference of opinions.

Sharing each experience with friends living together with me for universal brotherhood gave me the strength to always go forward. Difficult situations are resolved, thanks to inspired help.

Finally a beautiful feast for 300 children is organised. Fifteen shops and various other association helped, also financially.

After this result, I was recently elected as President of the Association. Now, more than ever, I would like to commit myself so that relationships will continue to deepen and many more people are able to experiment the value of working together for the good of our city.
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