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MexicoA trip to two Mexican towns to discover how The Project City is lived in the shadow of the "Virgen de Guadalupe”, patron saint of all Latin America and especially revered by the Mexicans. The tale of an action to clean up the city of garbage, and make every neighborhood better.

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It is one of tourist destinations for excellence: Mexico! With its colors, the variety of its people and all its climates, it is a country leader of diversity, second in the world for the number of ecosystems, and fourth for total number of species.

This great diversity in nature has implications on the traits of the Mexican people, that finds its unity also through the joy and generosity that characterizes it.

But in the shadow of the Virgin of Guadalupe, patron saint of all Latin America, there are surely a lot of problems, due to poverty, injustice, marginalization, and social imbalances. One of the most basic matters is, for example, the cleaning of the streets, usually always very dirty, that make the city a lot less livable.

In these last years Mexico is implementing a national program that offers events aimed at the cleaning of the cities. Some residents of Las Aguilas, since long pledged to carry pieces of brotherhood in their city, participate in this program, certain of the need for this action.
Several posters are printed with an invitation to clean and beautify Mexico; about 70 people in one of the neighborhoods of the city, ranging from children to elderly people, gather to clean the area, picking up trash, and filling up two trucks with 12 tons of material. And if actions like these make the city better, it is not just for a matter of aesthetics, but largely because they are opportunities to deepen the ties between the inhabitants of the neighborhood through community service.

And the actions are increasing: in the town of Chalco, for example, a couple, realizing the needs of the community living around their house, begins to collect all the garbage they find on the street, so that in a short time a garbage dump pops up outside the house.  Yet they feel that this is not enough; it is not enough to have the two of them work, but they have to use well this idea, to put it at the service of others. They decide to participate in the national project, involving neighbors, friends and relatives, and all together they succeed, in small steps, in cleaning up the neighborhood. The town donates 50 cedars to be planted, to beautify the neighborhood.  
From that action a regular activity is born to perform some work for the community.

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