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riconciliazioneAfter the last presidential elections, Kenya suffered dramatic moments. During the fights among different factions, some persons died, and others were wounded. The work of the youth that in that country live for the universal brotherhood, and therefore for the reconciliation among different ethnic groups.

by Magnolia and Wandji - Nairobi (Kenya)


In December 2007, the presidential elections took place in our country; the results of these elections were challenged by the opposition parties, but also the international observers expressed doubts on the regularity of the ballots: consequently a difficult period for Kenya started, characterized by agitation and violence, that even caused some victims.

We youth want to live in the whole contry for universal brotherhood, and therefore this year our work specifically aimed at promoting unity and reconciliation among different ethnic groups. We insisted on this, whenever we met or had a chance to talk, in the schools and in other groups as well.

We did our best to put the "Word of Life" into practice: it is a monthly comment to a sentence taken from the Gospel, due to Chiara Lubich, and it has become our "compass", on which everybody living for a united world tries and determines his own path. Every time, each comment has been welcomed with a big enthusiasm.

Some of the youth, that live farther away from the main towns, forced us to accept money for the trip, because they wanted to be sure we would come back the following month.

At the moment, a year after the beginning of the disorders, there are still thousands of "internaly displaced people", that is people that live in extremely unsafe conditions in refugee camps. Since the interest the mass media originally had for them has now faded away, they feel completely abandoned.

The prospect they were going to spend Christmas in refugee camps made them all very sad. Therefore we had the idea to organize a concert, whose title would be "The Upatanisho Concert". “Upatanisho” means “reconciliation” in swahili.

The youth succeeded in having a large number of artists involved, who gave their free contribution to the event, and brought to light both the tragedy of violence and the wish for unity. We sent all the money we collected to the refugees, together with the clothes the youth brought to the concert, as a gift for the displaced people.

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