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uovaFor once, “making an omelet” means saying something positive.  It happened in Naples, in the suburb of Forcella, where the work of a nun and the community help young people and their families going through a tough time.

By Sister Anna Pasinetti - Napoli (Italia)


My name is Sister Anna and I live in Naples in the suburb of Forcella in the centre of the historic city.

The experience we are living in our city came about from the desire of helping young people and their families who are going through a difficult period, not only financially, but in every aspect of their life.

It has now been a year and a half since the birth of the social-educational centre called "l'Aquilone" (The Kite), through donations that enabled the rennovations of a centre donated by the diocese.  In this centre we welcome young people and organise activities for them so that they avoid getting involved in the Camorra (Napolitan criminal activities).

In this Centre I work with friends who are commited to live for the ideal of Fraternity, and together during this period, we witnessed many positive solutions to various cases.

We try to work with young people and involve their schools, their families and institutions so that these young people may walk towards a path conducive to their overall growth.

It has been a few months now since a nun from another order, not mine, started to work with us:  she is such a professional, a teacher, and her presence brings great sharing and unity among all the nuns, which is so important for the whole suburb.

Recently we organised a carnival celebration in a very popular town square.  In this area everyone is very scared because of the strong presence of the Camorra people:  my friends and I who try to live the reality of fraternity in our parish, in the centre, and all other influences in the community, wanted to do something significant to solve his problem.

We invited many people to come, families in the area who were enthusiastic about our iniziative, more so because they were aware that together we can truly do something beautiful and useful for the whole city.

At a certain stage somebody told us that some young people were coming with eggs to throw at us; straightaway I calmly talked to these youth and encouraged them to dialogue and say what they want.   Eventually they gave up the idea of throwing us the eggs and gave me the four eggs saying, “Sister, we are giving you the four eggs, you can make an omelette".

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