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Twenty years of the EoC: The great moment has arrived!

Final preparations for the great event in Brazil. Even those who cannot be present will have the opportunity to participate in the events via live streaming which is being prepared.

Twenty years of the EoC. The great moment has arrived!

by Antonella Ferrucci


The events of 20 years of EoC in Brazil are just around the corner. The final preparations are in full swing. People have been passionately working for several months in preparation for these 5 days which are important to all those who have EoC in their DNA. The preparations are being made on two fronts: one fof the EoC Assembly at the Mariapoli Ginetta of Vargem Grande Paulista and the Open day in Sao Paulo, where some 1600 people are expected at the Memorial of Latin America

The organizers inform us that for the Assembly, we have reached the threshold of 630 participants: a truly ambitious goal, especially for the diverse countries of origin of the people. Some 37 countries, coming from 4 out of 5 continents, are expected to be represented.

If the majority are obviously the Brazilians, with over 240 participants, Italy comes in second with 85 participants followed by Argentina with 62 participants.  There is also a significant representation from Korea with almost 30 people! Following by order of numerical representation, are Spain, Chile, USA, France,Uruguay, Switzerland, Bolivia, Germany, Venezuela, Slovenia, Paraguay, Mexico, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, Canada, Serbia, Panama, Philippines, Cameroon, Poland, Croatia, Costa Rica, Peru, Kenya, Slovakia, Hungary, Ecuador, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Congo and Romania.

With our suitcases almost ready, we are now preparing a staff that will work actively to maintain the site as updated as possible -- providing daily news, photos, documents and echoes of what's happening in real time. The young people present will create a blog and will do their part through the social networks ...

Those who cannot be present in Brazil can still participate in events in real time through live streaming that is being prepared. The link to access will be published on the website once available. Live broadcasts will be made during the days of the Assembly at the Mariapoli Ginetta (25-28 May) on the final day in Sao Paulo on Sunday May 29.

There will be an opportunity to organize listening points, especially for the final day, creating opportunities to get together in celebration of this important anniversary.  We have already been informed of a listening point at the Business Park  Lionello in Loppiano, the Business Park Giosi of Abrigada (Portugal), in Vienna, in Lugano, and perhaps in Madrid. The list may become longer in the following days. The live streaming during the days of the Assembly will be in the morning to allow everyone to take part in the themes of the Assembly. The language of the live transmission will be in Italian. On May 29 the live streaming will be on-going throughout the day.

Further details will be published as soon as they are available. In the meantime, see you all in Brazil!




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